Grop Circle Greenhouses

Grop Circle Greenhouses – models:

Venture Class
Galaxy Class
Constellation Class

These greenhouses are designed to “Optimize” efficiency and “Cost Effectiveness” for the purpose of growing Cannabis.
The system is  designed that all grow rooms surround the central core, and the central core emanates all resources outward to the grow rooms, maximizing the resource feeds to each grow room equally.

The structures are designed with the latest construction methods and materials, with a comprehensive monitoring system to oversee the grow operation and security.

A Team of the finest “Specialists” in the field of growing Cannabis, Structural / Mechanical / Electrical Engineers and forward thinking Architectural Design has produced the most effective “Grow Operation Structures”

Greenhouse for cannabis growing

Grop Circle Industries Inc. British Columbia Canada

Grop Circle Industries – Scope of value proposition and deliverables

Vision:  to be the leading industrial cannabis solutions provider by attaining sustainable growth from our successful client base.

All consulting, design, or engineering projects start with the question of the client’s operational goals. We feel that the client’s desires regarding want to make for their market is the most important focus to everyone’s success.

Features of Grop Circle Industries facilities that lead to regulatory compliance while maintaining A+ quality and scalable consistency:

  • General facility:
    • All product life cycle process flows are designed with lean process principles in mind. The product path never crosses against itself supporting biosecurity and quality control.
    • Greenhouse projects utilize high truss height designs and combination of boilers, chillers, and adiabatic cooling to efficiently condition air
      • Warm, humid air is effectively separated from the growing environment by the higher truss height
      • These systems are highly efficient at heating / cooling and drying/humidifying the air.
    • Fertigation / Irrigation systems can be designed to capture, sterilize, and reuse all runoff. Self-cleaning water treatment systems provide the most efficient use of nutrients and water.
      • All external water (rainwater) and internal humidity are captured by the gutter system and is utilized as required.
    • Control systems are designed for the entire facility – both greenhouse and production / processing space. Controls work to deliver conditioned air at the plant level, interior lighting levels, fertigation / irrigation systems, etc.
      • Precision in environmental conditions is critical and Grop Circle Industries facilities are designed to maintain extremely consistent environmental conditions supporting the best growth rates and avoiding disease.
    • All staff functions are compartmentalized by function, supporting the prevention of cross-contamination. Facilities are also designed with hygiene stations, decontamination zones, and footpaths are strategically located as well.
    • All facilities can be designed to meet FDA standards (most do not require this level of hygiene, but Grop Circle Industries focuses on not only meeting current but the potential of more stringent standards in the future – for example: minimization of floor drains, maintaining airlock controls, etc.
    • All facilities are designed to meet all local building codes. Grop Circle Industries utilizes a network of civil engineers and general contractors allowing for projects to be executed in all markets.
    • All facilities are designed to meet local and state security requirements
  • Production:
    • Process flows and project design support the appropriate quarantine and treatment of raw materials.
    • Greenhouses are designed with internal tissue culture labs. Tissue culture removes space requirements for ‘mother rooms’, ensures clean genetics management (avoids genetic drift) and eases strain library management.
    • Project automation provides for consistency in potting, transplanting while providing further preventative measures against contamination.
    • Vegetative and flowering zones leverage the most current technology, providing the best growth environment for not only each growth stage, but also can be modified to support a particular strain.
    • Business intelligence software is integrated into the control system, providing multiple benefits:
      • Seed to sale tracking systems leverage RFID gated systems.
      • Data collection points allow for rapid root cause analysis and improve production.
      • Processing
  • FDA levels of hygiene to meet current and future requirements
  • Drying technologies allow for precise automated drying and curing capabilities.
  • Automation delivers exact moisture content with no staff contact minimizing the risk of contamination and delivering consistency as the volume increases.
  • Controlled environment minimizes mold or other contamination
  • Implementation of the current industry leading technologies regarding extraction, dosing, manufacturing, and packaging systems.
  • All regulatory and security requirements met.
    • Control systems monitor all airlocks and alarm systems further improving projects security.