TCSI Professionals and Government Liaisons’ provide a superior consultation framework, offering a network of resources via  individualized services to advance your business in the North American and Global Cannabis Industry! 

Needs Assessments to Qualify your Company to become a Licensed Commercial Producer 

Expertise in Research and Development – Management Services  – Business Plans

Business Strategies all in a “living and evolving” business plan.

FINANCIAL                        MEDICAL                   TRADES

Insurance                              Patients                              Contractors

Mortgages                             Doctors                               Engineers

Real Estate                           Specialists                           Architects

Business Advisors                Researchers                       Builders

Internet Specialists               Developers                          Lawyers

Accountants                          Pharmacists                       Suppliers

Book Keepers                       Clinics (Chiropractors)        Security Advisors

Tax Advisors                         Clinics (Massage, Reiki)      Fire Safety

Marketing & Sales                 Clinics (Accupuncture)        Horticulturists

Financial Planners                 Wellness Centres               Organic Prod.

Investment                              Therapists                           Designers