Green Karat

This reference letter is to express our gratitude to John and his team.

Green Karat

We are very grateful and appreciate everything they did for us. From start to finish, TCSI supported us at every step of the process to obtain our license from Health Canada. Always very professional, they knew how to guide us with their good knowledge.

John is someone who is very respected in the industry and has great contacts. Over the years we have developed a strong business and friendship relationship.

We will continue to progress with them in the future development of our business. I highly recommend TCSI for your consulting services.

Green Karat

This letter serves as a reference for Trichome Consulting Services Inc. John Karroll and his team provided awesome service to us in obtaining our Micro Processing Cannabis Licence from Health Canada.

First Choice Cannabis

They were extremely helpful and patient with us as we worked together to apply for our licence. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

They are very knowledgeable, professional, experienced and very responsive to any questions we had.

We would highly recommend Trichome Consulting Services to anyone who would like assistance in applying for a Health Canada cannabis licence.

First Choice Cannabis Product Co Ltd.

Valhalla Flwr

This letter serves as reference for Trichome Consulting Services Inc. John Karrol was very professional and easy to work with. John and his team assisted us with the licensing applications. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced individuals.

November 5th,2021 Valhalla Flwr has received our Standard Cultivating License.
Thank you to John and his team members at Trichome Consulting, I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to become Licensed.

Valhalla Flwr