Cannabis Cultivation

There are several different federal cannabis licenses that are available under the Cannabis Act depending on the specific activities you wish to conduct with cannabis.

Those looking to cultivate cannabis are required to hold one of the following licenses:

    • Standard Cultivation license (permits cultivation in an unlimited-sized grow space).
    • Micro-Cultivation license (allows for cultivation in a grow space of up to 2,152 square feet).
    • Nursery license (permits the cultivation of cannabis genetics such as clones and seeds, within a maximum of 540 square feet).

Cannabis Micro-Cultivation Licence

Micro-Cultivation Licence

For small-scale or craft operations (less than 2150 sq. ft. of growing space). The Micro-Cultivation Licence is ideal for tiny, specialised companies like craft cultivators who work with a select few rare strains…

Cannabis Standard Cultivation License

Standard Cultivation License

For large-scale growth operations (over 2150 sq. ft. of growing space). A Standard Cultivation license allows the holder to obtain dried or fresh cannabis, cannabis plants or cannabis plant seeds by propagating, cultivating, harvesting…

Nursery Cultivation License

Cannabis Nursery Licence allows its Licence Holders to possess cannabis; as well as to propagate, cultivate, and harvest cannabis plants and seeds, as well as to engage in auxiliary operations and change the chemical or physical…