Other Specialized Services

Other Specialized Services

Other Specialized Cannabis Consulting Services

Trichome Consulting Services provides a wide variety of highly specialized services. We work hard for our clients and are here to help you achieve your goals! TCSI will provide you with guidance and assistance on all facets of the licencing application process. In addition, TCSI offers post-licensing on-going compliance consultation services to help educate and guide you and your team through the initial stages of receiving your licence and continued support with all the regulatory changes from Health Canada.

Site Evidence Package Requirements

Site Evidence Requirements

The site evidence package needs to show that your site is fully built and meets the physical security measures and the good production practices of the Cannabis Regulations

Video attestation production

Video Attestation Services

TCSI has affiliated service providers who offer complete video attestation services for our clients. The video attestations component of your site evidence package submission…

Talent acquisition for cannabis business

Cannabis Talent Acquisition

TCSI is here to relieve your growing pains.Our team specializes in sourcing key personnel for your organization such as: Key Investors, Master Growers, CEO

selling cannabis products

Farm-Gate Cannabis

Cannabis cultivators and/or processors with federal licences now have the option of selling cannabis-infused goods on-site at their manufacturing facility. With the introduction of farmgate cannabis sales, customers now have the choice to buy cannabis…

source of starting materials for cannabis production

Source of Starting Material

This section only applies to micro-cultivation, nursery and standard cultivation licenses.
You can receive starting materials (cannabis plants and seeds) that were obtained…

Cannabis site security and design

Security and Site Design

A strong application also includes a physical security plan. Submission of an Organization Security Plan (OSP) with a list of SOP priority areas is a crucial component. Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, are employed to describe site operations.

Security Clearance services for cannabis businesses

Health Canada Security Clearance

Security Clearances are required for key investors, directors and officers of the corporation, partnership or cooperative for any person who exercises, or is in a position to exercise, direct control over the entity…

GPP Report

Good Production Practices
(GPP) Report

All licence class types include a GPP Report requirement, which is crucial. The report needs to outline the conditions for storage, as well as how and where cannabis and any other ingredients will be…

Cannabis business Key Investor Reports

Key Investor Report

Applicants and licence holders must determine whether they have key investors. As per Health Canada requirements, the applicant will need to submit ther a key investor report, or an attestation indicating why…

services for Legacy to Legal regulations

Legal To Legacy

The Trichome Consulting Team, comprised of prominent specialists in their fields, has extensive experience in liaison communications with Health Canada’s Controlled Substance and Cannabis Branch at all levels. The TCSI team has…

First Nations Cannabis licensing consultants

First Nations Relations & Licensing

TCSI provides consultation services to several first nations and indigenous companies, assisting them in obtaining their federal cannabis licences and helping them in achieving their business goals.