Legacy to Legal

Legacy to Legal licensing of cannabis

Legacy to Legal

Migrate your Legacy Licence to the Legal Market

The Trichome Consulting Team, comprised of prominent specialists in their fields, has extensive experience in liaison communications with Health Canada’s Controlled Substance and Cannabis Branch at all levels. The TCSI team has unmatched experience working with legacy applicants and migrating their applications into the CTLS so that they can become legal licences, having successfully received issuance of more than 1000+ commercial and personal (medical & recreational) cannabis licences since 2008 (MMAR, MMPR, ACMPR, Cannabis Act). By exceeding our clients’ expectations and succeeding in a variety of regulatory contexts, we hope to “raise the bar” on both historical and contemporary industry norms.

One of the benefits of being a legacy applicant is you qualify for the 2-stage review that lets you start applying without a fully built site. In this case, Health Canada will review your licence application on 2 separate occasions. The first in-depth review happens before your site is fully built. When this review is finished, Health Canada will send you a notification and a request to submit your site evidence package. You’ll need to send your site evidence package after building your site. Your application will then undergo a second in-depth review.

We work hard for our clients and support them in achieving their goals! Trichome Consulting Services is the trusted and “preferred choice” for all legacy growers and producers who want to migrate to the legal market.

If you are currently under the old MMPR, MMPR or ACMPR regulations and need to migrate to be current with the new cannabis act regulations, connect with us today for a no-obligation intro call and see how we can help you with your cannabis licencing goals.

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What Is The Cannabis Tracking And Licensing System (CTLS)?

Under the Cannabis Act, Health Canada established a national Cannabis Tracking System, also known as the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS). The system was enacted in order to track high-level movements of cannabis and prevent supply chain diversion and/or inversion. It is also the system applicants should use to apply for a cannabis license.

Why migrate your legacy application to the CTLS?

Health Canada has established that the CTLS be the primary way to submit an application for cannabis licensing. The first step in creating an application is to set up an individual user account. The Trichome Consulting team of industry experts will help you every step of the way in achieving your licensing goals.