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Sales License

Cannabis Sales Licence

Sales activities for processing licences

Amending your Processing Licence to add the activity of sale of cannabis products (eg. cannabis extracts, cannabis topicals, & edible cannabis) will allow you to sell and distribute to provincially and territorially authorized retailers and sale for medical purposes licence holders and to send and deliver on behalf of provincially and territorially authorized retailers and sale for medical purposes licence holders.

Please note that you are required to present 2 lots/batches of cannabis products, depending on the cannabis classes you are requesting to sell.  You have to establish what constitutes a lot of cannabis product at your site (e.g., all plants from X strain that are harvested, dried and packaged within X time or various lots mixed to equal a new lot). The lot or batch sizes prepared need to be the same size as those intended for sale, you will need to specify:

  • The total number of lots/batches prepared (e.g., 2 lots/batches of dried cannabis);
  • The total number of bottles/packages of product ready (e.g., 1000 bottles per lot, 30 g per bottle);
sales license for cannabis products

The “Authorized Activities” change request will undergo screening to verify completeness. Licence holders who submit incomplete applications will receive an email detailing the information that is missing from their application. Licence change requests will only be placed into the queue to be assigned to an officer once they are complete. Licence holders who submit complete applications will receive an email confirming that the application has been received and has been moved to the review queue. An introductory email will be sent by an officer once the application has been assigned to them for review. Note that an inspection may be required prior to the approval of your request.

How we can help

Trichome Consulting Services can assist you in submitting a thorough, accurate, and full application package so you may quickly and effectively get your amended licence.