HC Security Clearance

security clearance for cannabis businesses

Health Canada Security Clearance

Health Canada Security Clearance

Security Clearances are required for key investors, directors and officers of the corporation, partnership or cooperative for any person who exercises, or is in a position to exercise, direct control over the entity; and designated key personnel such as: the Responsible Person, Head of Security, Master Grower, Quality Assurance Person, and designated Alternates.

The security clearance application will be submitted via your personal CTLS account. The applicant will be required to provide personal information pertaining to their life, residential, employment and travel history. A security clearance application requires the following completed documents be uploaded: Government Issued photo ID, Signed Consent and Certification Form, 3rd Party Fingerprint form.

Health Canada Security Clearance
Security Clearance process for cannabis businesses

Security clearance process

The security clearance (SC) process assesses if an applicant could pose an unacceptable risk to public health or public safety. This includes the risk of cannabis being diverted to an illicit market or activity.

Security checks

Health Canada reviews your SC application and does security checks including, but not limited to:

  • a domestic criminal record check
  • a foreign criminal record check, if applicable
  • a law enforcement record check (LERC) that contains:
    • publicly available information
    • intelligence information gathered for law enforcement purposes
    • interactions with police including events that didn’t lead to a charge or conviction (such as calling to make a complaint about a neighbour)
    • If concerning information comes up in the security checks, you’ll have an opportunity to explain the circumstances and provide any relevant context.

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