Site Evidence Package Requirements/ Video Attestation

Cannabis business site evidence package

Site Evidence Package Requirements/ Video Attestation

Site Evidence Package Requirements

The site evidence package needs to show that your site is fully built and meets the physical security measures and the good production practices of the Cannabis Regulations. This includes submitting evidence to show that you have an operational and functional site. For example, a building equipped with all permanent fixtures, such as:

  • facility lighting
  • security features
  • ventilation and air filtration systems

For examples of principles and practices that you can use to show compliance for your fully built site, use:

  • the Physical security measures guide for cannabis
  • the Good production practices guide for cannabis
Site Evidence Package Requirements
Site Evidence Package Requirements

The requirements for an operational and functional site only apply to the areas of your site where you plan to conduct activities with cannabis when you first get your licence. For example, if you’ll only use some areas of the building, then you’re only required to submit site evidence for the areas you’ll use and would like to be approved, instead of the entire building.

You aren’t required to submit any information on your cultivation and processing equipment or have it present during the site evidence video walkthrough. This includes your:

  • scales
  • trimmers
  • grow lights
  • cultivation tables
  • extraction equipment

Video Attestation Services

Video attestation production

TCSI has affiliated service providers who offer complete video attestation services for our clients. The video attestations component of your site evidence package submission is one of the most important pieces. The Health Canada Team will look very closely at your video presentation to get visual insights into your facility. The video attestation is the best way to quickly communicate your readiness to the Health Canada team. It is important to put your best foot forward. A well-done video attestation goes a long way to ensuring success with your overall site evidence package submission.

TCSI’s affiliated service providers are professional videographers who use top quality gear for their shoots. They provide 4k footage for the best image quality, drone aerial footage, and still images of every room from multiple angles and close up shots of any security devices in those rooms. The specialized videographers have been involved in more successful video attestations for cannabis facilities than any other team in Canada!

They are pleased to provide coaching for your self narrated attestation videos to make the entire footage creation process easier for you. They also can provide professional narrators with unparalleled experience in the industry…in case you don’t want to get in front of the camera yourself or would simply rather have the narration handled professionally.

They use the top industry software to edit and optimize your videos. They assemble your clips into a logical format which is easy to follow for the Health Canada review team.

They understand how important your video attestation package is, and their team will work diligently to produce a top-quality presentation with a fast turnaround time.

Video Attestations

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