Site Presentation Video Package

Cannabis business site evidence package

Site Presentation Video Package

Site Presentation Video Package

TCSI partners with affiliated service providers who specialize in delivering comprehensive Site Presentation Video Package services to our clients. This package plays a unique and pivotal role in positioning your business for success. By showcasing your facility to potential investors for both Domestic and International business ventures, it not only aids in executing marketing and sales strategies but also facilitates staff training through educational videos and streamlines operational processes with SOP videos. Moreover, it extends support in developing broker agreements for both domestic and international sales, among other benefits. Utilizing the Site Presentation Video Package is the most effective means to swiftly convey your preparedness to investors and clients alike. It’s imperative to make a favorable first impression, and a professionally crafted video presentation significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving success in your overarching business objectives.

Site Evidence Package Requirements

TCSI’s affiliated service providers are professional videographers who use top quality gear for their shoots. They provide 4k footage for the best image quality, drone aerial footage, and still images of every room from multiple angles and close up shots of any security devices in those rooms. The specialized videographers have been involved in more successful video attestations for cannabis facilities than any other team in Canada!

They are pleased to provide coaching for your self narrated Site presentation videos to make the entire footage creation process easier for you. They also can provide professional narrators with unparalleled experience in the industry…in case you don’t want to get in front of the camera yourself or would simply rather have the narration handled professionally. They use the top industry software to edit and optimize your videos. They assemble your clips into a logical format which is easy to follow. They understand how important your Site presentation video package is, and their team will work diligently to produce a top-quality presentation with a fast turnaround time.

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