Farm-Gate Cannabis

Cannabis cultivators and/or processors with federal licences now have the option of selling cannabis-infused goods on-site at their manufacturing facility. With the introduction of farmgate cannabis sales, customers now have the choice to buy cannabis products directly from a licence holder.

Farmgate cannabis retail falls under the jurisdiction of each province’s cannabis retail regulatory framework rather than federal law. For the purpose of selling farmgate cannabis, federally licenced growers and processors must adhere to provincial regulations on cannabis retail sales. This means that before engaging in farmgate cannabis retail, a federal licensee must have the applicable provincial permissions or authorizations. License holders would go through different processes for farmgate sales depending on the province where their site location is located because each province has a different regulatory framework for cannabis retail.

Farmgate cannabis retail is still in its infancy, and each province has various laws governing this type of business.

Farm-Gate Cannabis

When it comes to farmgate cannabis retail sales, Ontario is now in the lead. Several individuals with federal cannabis licences have been granted permission to open cannabis retail stores and sell cannabis goods there.

British Columbia also intends to begin a farmgate cannabis retail scheme in 2022, but only cannabis growers will be able to take advantage of this chance (ie. stand-alone cannabis processors will not be eligible for a farmgate cannabis retail store).

Farmgate cannabis is permitted under Saskatchewan‘s cannabis retail regulations. However, no cannabis retail businesses are currently operating at producing facilities with federal licences. Retail establishments can be located close to production facilities in Alberta, however this is not possible due to the state’s stringent supply chain regulations.

The systems for farmgate cannabis sales have not yet been established in other provinces and territories like Manitoba, Quebec, Yukon, and the Maritimes.