Merger & Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisitions of cannabis business licenses

Merger & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Cannabis Licenses are issued to an individual or corporation at a specific site based on their physical security measures, key personnel and good production practices. A proposed transfer of ownership is subject to many factors and health Canada assesses the compliance of these transactions on a case-by-case basis.

Health Canada requirements:

  • Licence Holder Information
  • Transaction details (eg. Share sale, asset sale, merger, amalgamation, internal re-structing, etc.)
  • Security clearance submitted for all new proposed personnel
  • Proposed OSP
  • Proposed Key Investor Report
  • Incorporation documentation
Mergers and Acquisitions of Cannabis Businesses

These documents must be submitted if:

  • The Licence holder is contemplating a business transaction that could result in a change to the site personnel, Corporate Personnel, and/or activities at the site.
  • The Parent company is contemplating a business transaction that could result in a change to the corporate personnel or the licence holder.
  • There is a proposed internal re-organization that would affect the reporting structure (eg. Sister company merging with licence holder, parent company merging with licence holder) of the licence holder.
  • There are proposed new investors interested in the licence holder and/or parent company would end up having a controlling interest.

If you submit an incomplete or “messy” application on your own, you may have to wait longer for the change of control approval.

How we can Help

Trichome Consulting Services can assist you in submitting a thorough, accurate, and full application package so you may quickly and effectively get your amended licence.