Source of Starting Material

Source of Starting Material for cannabis businesses

Source of Starting Material

For Cultivation Licences: Source of Starting Material

source of starting materials for cannabis productionThis section only applies to micro-cultivation, nursery and standard cultivation licences.

You can receive starting materials (cannabis plants and seeds) that were obtained:

  • in accordance with:
    • the former Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations
    • the former or current Industrial Hemp Regulations, or
    • the Cannabis Regulations (for example, from a federal licence holder)
    • from a person authorized to sell cannabis under a provincial Act

You can also receive starting materials from a source that is not listed above, on an exceptional basis. You’ll need to submit a declaration under subsection 10(2) of the Cannabis Regulations for your licence application.

It needs to:

  • contain the quantity of cannabis plants and seeds (individual quantity per type of cannabis) that you’ll possess on the effective date of your licence
  • be signed and dated by the responsible person

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