Cannabis Processing

Those looking to package cannabis products and manufacture cannabis-based products (cannabis extracts, edibles, topicals, etc.) are required to hold one of the following licenses:

  • Standard Processing license (handling of over 600 kg of dried flower [or the equivalent] per year).
  • Micro-Processing license (handling of up to 600 kg of dried flower [or the equivalent] per year).
Cannabis Micro-Processing License

Micro-Processing License

The Micro-Processing Licence is typically only used by smaller enterprises because it only allows for the handling of up to 600 kg of dried flowers (or their equivalent) annually. This choice is suitable for…


Cannabis Standard Processing License

Standard Processing License

The Standard Processing Licence works similarly to the Micro-Processing Licence, except there is no annual cap on the volume of cannabis products that your company can process. You can manufacture, sell, and distribute an unlimited amount of cannabis…