Nursery Cultivation License

Nursery Cultivation License

Nursery cultivation of cannabisCannabis Nursery Licence allows its Licence Holders to possess cannabis; as well as to propagate, cultivate, and harvest cannabis plants and seeds, as well as to engage in auxiliary operations and change the chemical or physical characteristics of the drug for testing. The licence also permits the sale and distribution of cannabis plants and seeds to other licence holders as well as to licence holders who are permitted to sell cannabis for medical purposes or in accordance with provincial or territorial law.

Operations with a focus on seed and clone starting materials that are smaller than 540 square feet. Holders of Nursery licences may change the Cannabis’ chemical or physical characteristics for testing purposes. The sale and distribution of seeds and plants to other licence holders is allowed under the terms of this agreement.

A nursery licence allows you to produce cannabis plants and seeds for starting material. Up to 5 kg of harvested flower heads are available to you at any time (except seeds). Within 30 days of harvesting the plants, you must destroy all flowering heads (aside from the seeds), leaves, and branches.

You can use a grow surface area (plant canopy) of up to 50 m2 for growing flowering and budding cannabis plants. The grow surface areas include:

  • all horizontally and vertically arranged surfaces
  • all indoor and outdoor cultivation operation areas that you are using at any single time

Your size limit only includes operations areas where you’ll be growing flowering and budding cannabis plants.

There is no size limit for:

  • areas used to grow cannabis plants in their vegetative stage (mother plants, or plant cuttings or clones that are non-budding or non-flowering)
  • areas used for non-cultivation activities and storage