Dialed In

Dialed In Cannabis Co.

This letter serves as a reference for Trichome Consulting Services Inc. and its principal John Karroll. The Trichome team served as advisors to Dialed In Cannabis Co in obtaining our Micro Cultivation Licence.

The Trichome teams’ knowledge, experience, attention to detail, documentation and multi team member support are just a few of the reasons that this team is invaluable when working through the acquisition of obtaining a cultivation licence. The entire team made themselves available for questions and responded expediently in order to facilitate the very complicated and detailed process of the licence application and submission requirements.

Dialed In Cannabis Co. is very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with all of the amazing Trichome team. Their support, patience and guidance has been critical when having to work through the many moving parts of licence acquisition. Dialed In Cannabis Co. believes that you need to have a team like this to ensure the application process goes smoothly.

Trichome has proven their value and Dialed In Cannabis Co. would highly recommend anyone initiating a similar project to invite them to assist in the extremely comprehensive process of obtaining a cultivation licence.

Dialed In Cannabis Co.