Orion Cannabis corp.

Orion Cannabis Corp.

I am writing today as a reference for Trichome Consulting Services.

I’m with the QALIPU MI” KMAQ FIRST NATION and it’s been a privilege working with John Karroll and his team. We have had a great working relationship and major accomplishments over the last six years to become a Health Canada LP under the new CTLS program.

Trichome Consulting and their professional team of Cannabis experts provided full application writing services, and delivered a successful commercial license for Cultivation, Processing and Sales. As an indigenous First Nations applicant, their knowledge and guidance were significant in advising our team, plus educating us on the commercial requirements.

We at Orion Cannabis Corp. recommend Trichome Consulting Services to all First Nations and their communities, as they will benefit from having Trichome Consulting Experts on their team throughout the application process, ongoing operations and as a liaison with Health Canada.

In summary, I strongly recommend Trichome Consulting Services to facilitate your application and submission requirements.

Orion Cannabis Corp.