“Our mission is to create a medically legal corporate business environment”

Professional Consulting Services for North American & Global Cannabis Industry

Canadian Federal Government, USA State Government,  Australian Federal & State Government plus  South African Federal Applications

TCSI will be processing “NEW” Recreational License applications as per the new Liberal Governments’ Legalized Marijuana Program

Licensed Commercial Production (LP) ACMPR submissions to Health Canada for medical marihuana plus the new Supplemental Licenses for process of Cannabis and Marijuana extracts.

Corporate Business Plans compliant with Health Canada ACMPR Regulations

Expertise in Government Applications, Quality Assurance, SOP’s, Security, Research and Development, Management Services, Record Keeping, Business Strategies all in a “Living and Evolving” business plan.

TCSI and its team of cannabis industry experts have been the  “preferred choice” for North American businesses applying for ACMPR/MMPR Commercial & Recreational Licenses in Canada, Recreational & Medical Marijuana Licences in the USA including High CBD Hemp Licenses

TCSI has 50 (active) ACMPR/MMPR LP applications with Health Canada for TCSI clients, from locations in every province across Canada plus clients and affiliated partners in New York, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Washington State, California, Texas, Alaska,  including First Nations Group’s and USA native tribes plus international clients from South Africa & Australia.

Doctor Services – Patient Consultations for ACMPR Personnel Production and Designated Grower Licenses

Patient Acquisition Strategies for Commercial Growers and Affiliated Companies